Life is still going on. I'm still waiting for you. I still believe that we'll be together. I can't help it every day. I'm stupid. I'm a road fool. I miss the places I've been together and the things I've done together. I'm thinking about the scenes that I've experienced in the destination for you, but I've been so far away. I'm thinking about it, but I hear a new face around you Message for the hole. In a moment, I collapsed. I remember that I once said that you are my most important decision. I'm willing to break the unknown fear for you. Even if you shed tears, you should clear up your mind. Because there is no shortcut, only business. You said, we all want it for our happiness. But now that you're gone, you really break the unknown, and I can't accept the fear, I need you, where are you, where are you? But you never look back. In those days after you left, you will not be encouraged to face all these things by yourself. You will cry when you hear the songs we heard together. You will linger for a long time when you go to the places where you pass by. Even in the public, you will cry. I lament why you treat me so much, knowing that you have such a weight in my heart But still took you away from me. After you leave, it feels like something in your heart has been taken away, empty, no longer.